Input Source Pro

Switch and track your input sources with ease ✨

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Free during Beta

macOS 11+

Display current keyboard

A tooltip to remind you what the current keyboard is. You can choose when to show it: when long pressing the left mouse button, switching keyboards, and/or switching apps.

Switch keyboards based on apps

Set the default keyboard for each app. Never worry about your keyboard when multi-tasking. Of course, Spotlight-like apps are also supported.

Switch keyboard based on URLs

Automatically switch keyboards for you based on the website you are visiting. Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi, and Arc are currently supported.

🧑‍🚀 Runjuu:

As a multi-lingual individual, I frequently found myself flustered and unsure about which keyboard I was using. So I created Input Source Pro to help me keep track of my input sources with ease. If you've also experienced this frustration, I encourage you to try Input Source Pro for yourself. And if you find it helpful as well, please share it with your friends to help support our ongoing development efforts. We truly appreciate your support and feedback! ❤️