SwitchUnderline and TrackUnderline your input sources with ease

Input Source Pro is an app for multilingual Mac users, providing numerous intuitive features such as automatic keyboard switching based on the app in use or the website being browsed, and an elegant display of the current input source.

Input Source Pro 2.3.0-beta


🏳️‍🌈 Happy Pride Month!

A month has flown by since our last update, and we're excited to reveal the new features and improvements we've been developing. Hopefully, we've successfully delivered these without introducing any additional bugs. 🤞

What's new

  • 🦊 Support for Firefox is finally here!
  • 📝 Check out our brand-new Changelog page. We think you're going to love it!
  • 💅 The menu bar icon has undergone a redesign to give it a fresh new look.


  • We've tweaked the behaviour of the full size indicator, it won't show up each time you focus on a new input field within the same app anymore.
  • The issue where enabling Browser Rules caused Chrome and other browsers to reopen when you quit it should now be fixed.

Lastly, Input Source Pro is now on Twitter! Follow us there to stay updated with all the latest news and updates. See you next time! 🫡

🎉 Input Source Pro 2.0.0-beta

This marks the launch of the first edition of Input Source Pro v2. Though I must admit, my efforts to keep an all-encompassing changelog of 2022's updates have been a bit lax. Still, I hope you enjoy exploring the app! 😊